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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Dad.  It’s the most common first word a child will speak*.  Da, da, da, da… Dad! “Mum” is second, (sorry mums!). Throughout our lives we reference our Dads as such; Father, Daddy, Pappa, my Old Man, and if you happen to be a Hobbit then […]

Good Questions for.. Limbert Hutahaean

Indonesian dad Limbert has learnt to open his life to others and is committed to passing wisdom onto his kids (and secretly wants to be the best cook in the house). Where’s home for you? Bandung, Indonesia Age?  Married?  Kids? 39, married, 1 daughter aged 8. Tell […]

Good Questions for.. Gareth Jones

Songwriting comedy genius Gareth Jones splits his time between charity work and child care (when he’s not reminiscing about ceramic Navajos and formula one dreams..)   Where’s home for you? York, UK.   Describe (to a 5 year old) what you do during the daytime: […]