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Bundle of Joy

        Our friends stateside call it ‘rough-housing’, in our family we say ‘bundle’ and the casual onlooker could call it carnage.  Whatever you call it – it’s fun and I love ‘bundling’ the kids. The event follows a typical process which usually […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Dad.  It’s the most common first word a child will speak*.  Da, da, da, da… Dad! “Mum” is second, (sorry mums!). Throughout our lives we reference our Dads as such; Father, Daddy, Pappa, my Old Man, and if you happen to be a Hobbit then […]

#ParentingFail / #FailingParent ?

On a good parenting day I: Effortlessly navigate toddler tantrums using progressive conflict resolution techniques. Lead my children in well-planned and executed cultural adventures which exercise both body AND mind. Whip up diverse, nutritionally balanced meals in 10 minutes flat which EVERYONE eats and thanks […]