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Reflections of a Bachelor

As a 23 year old bachelor, I simply have no idea what it’s like to be a dad.  What makes a dad?  Moreover, what makes a good dad?  Here’s my attempt to answer those questions: I see dads as diverse creatures, constantly adapting to the […]

“Stay at HOME, dad.”

When I first came to England, I thought it was fairly common for fathers to be the stay-at-home parent.  A visit to our local community toddler group soon corrected that misconception. But before I talk about that, I’d like to say that in my short […]

What is a ‘Good Dad’?

        According to my 5 year old, and bear with me here, it’s someone who is “kind, funny, sometimes sad and sometimes angry…”  At this point I couldn’t decide if he was describing a pretty well-balanced human being or very literally his […]