Gotta Catch ‘Em All


Becca Dunlop

I‘m married to a gamer.  I knew Tom loved to play games before we started going out.  This was fine by me; although I don’t play them to the same extent, I love games too.  Board games and card games as well as video games.  It’s a hobby.

When little ones come along our hobbies can tend to take either a back seat for a while, or at the least are perhaps not as frequent as before parenthood.  Sometimes they become non-existent. We have a 2 year old and an 8 month old so know this well.

Sometimes hobbies cause tension.  This is a shame as arguments about partners spending time on their hobby often occur because the other person resents the fact that they are not enjoying their own hobby at the same time.  I know I’m guilty of this.

They’re everywhere!

So you may have noticed recently people concentrating very hard on their phones.  Walking around, seemingly without purpose, then stopping suddenly for no reason.  ‘Pokémon Go’ was released a few weeks ago and has brought many gamers into the great outdoors (no bad thing in my book)!

We grew up in the Nintendo Game Boy era and Tom was a big fan of Pokémon.  So when this new version was released, we downloaded it.  You have to physically go outside to find virtual Pokémon on your phone and capture them to play the game.  They’re everywhere!

Do you want to take up something new?


Our 2 year old loves it.  As soon as Tom gets home she asks if we can go out to catch the ‘little monsters’.

  • We’ve been out for walks near our home most evenings together since its release.
  • We play the game. We look for virtual Pokémon and catch them.
  • We also look for imaginary little creatures and pretend to catch them.
  • We play hide and seek.
  • We’ve walked down streets, cuts and lanes we wouldn’t normally go down as they are not on our normal routes and have got to know our neighbourhood much better.
  • We’ve found butterflies, snail shells, bumble bees, blue pine cones and many a ‘Stick Man’.

The game may have many flaws and controversies but so do most things.  It’s a game.  It’s a hobby.

Pokémon may not be your thing, but what is your hobby?  Do you want to take up something new?  You may see it as ‘me time’, but if there is any way it can occasionally include the other people in your house too, you might be surprised to see how exciting it can be for you all or what you will end up doing together!


By Becca Dunlop