Good Questions for.. Limbert Hutahaean



Indonesian dad Limbert has learnt to open his life to others and is committed to passing wisdom onto his kids (and secretly wants to be the best cook in the house).

Where’s home for you?

Bandung, Indonesia

Age?  Married?  Kids?

39, married, 1 daughter aged 8.

Tell us one thing you’re passionate about.


First memory?

Riding a 2-wheel bicycle by myself without any help (not first but biggest moment!).

Favourite childhood game/activity?

Monopoly and any classic board game.

Favourite kids’ book?

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales & The Famous Five (Enid Bylton).

When I was little I wanted to be..

An engineer / technical job.

A father is..

Someone who protects his kids and teaches them what’s right.

What’s one of the most important things about being a ‘good dad’?

Knowing many things and teaching your kids.

What does taking responsibility look like for you right now?

Making more money for my kids’ future.

What inspires you to take responsibility?

My parents.

One thing I want to pass onto others?

Give more time & money to other people.

What advice would I give my younger self?

Learn time management.  I was bad in this 😊

Favourite thing to say to your kids?

Be nice to others.

Main parenting challenge right now?

How to stay close to my kid.  Because at certain ages kids want to be with their friends not their parents..

When I became a parent I suddenly realised..

That I have to share my life with other souls i.e. wife & kids.  I started to realise that I wanted to live longer, before I got married I didn’t care about this.

What helps you most as a parent?

My wife helps me so much!

What kind of father do you want to be?

One who can do what mothers often do like being a good cook, etc.

Who inspires you as a man?

Jesus.  He could talk to any kind of person; poor, rich, politicians, little kids, etc.