Good Questions for.. Gareth Jones


Gareth J

Songwriting comedy genius Gareth Jones splits his time between charity work and child care (when he’s not reminiscing about ceramic Navajos and formula one dreams..)


Where’s home for you?

York, UK.


Describe (to a 5 year old) what you do during the daytime:

I spend half my week working for a charity, and the other half looking after my little girl.


Age?  Married?  Kids?

28, married, one girl, Esther, who’s 23 months old and by golly, she’s wonderful!


When I grow up I want to be..

Some kind of funny songwriter person (check out his work here:


First memory?

Sitting on a ceramic Navajo Indian’s lap whilst on holiday in Canada.


Favourite kids’ film?

Toy Story – There was a time I could recite pretty much the whole film word for word.


Favourite childhood game/activity?

Making stupid videos with my friends – I’m still doing that now.


Who is the best superhero?

Super Ted.


When I was little I wanted to be..

Nigel Mansell.


A father is..

Gentle, loving, kind, silly, wise, funny, a rock.


Tell us about someone who has been a father to you.

My Dad.  He is an absolute rock of a man.  Growing up he was always so consistent and very rarely did I see him get angry.  He did everything with humility and worked hard to provide for his family.


What’s one of the most important things about being a ‘good dad’?

Being consistent – never ever giving up even when things are really crappy.


What does taking responsibility look like for you right now?

Being intentional and investing in my marriage, i.e. booking in quality time with my wife where we go and do something fun.


What inspires you to take responsibility?

Knowing that what I impart to my kids is ultimately going to shape them as people.


What advice would I give my younger self?

Don’t waste time worrying about what other people think of you.


Favourite thing to say to your kids?

ROAR!!! (This usually gets an excited squeal).


Main parenting challenge right now?

Discipline.  Esther is definitely becoming a lot more wilful, and I’m having to learn how and when to be strict with her.


When I became a parent I suddenly realised..

How much of a sacrifice it was. All of a sudden, your time is not your own.


What kind of father do you want to be?

I want my kids to know they can come to me about absolutely anything.  I want them to know that their Dad loves them unconditionally and is 100% for them.


Who inspires you as a man?

I’ve met loads of amazing people in my life, but those who have inspired me most are the ones that love God, love others, and don’t take themselves too seriously.