Good Questions for.. Si Cook



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A meet and greet with Good Dads creator, Si Cook:


Where’s home for you?

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Describe (to a 5 year old) what you do during the daytime:

Support worker for refugees and asylum seekers – I help people from other countries find a safe place to live here.



Married?  Kids?

3 boys – 5, 3 & 1.

When I grow up I want to be..

Wise & helpful.

Tell us one thing you’re passionate about.

Protecting vulnerable people.

Favourite childhood game/activity?      

Rough play with my dad.

Who is the best superhero?

Spiderman, obviously.

When I was little I wanted to be..

An astronaut.

A father is..

Someone who cares holistically.

Tell us about someone who has been a father to you.

Older friends in church over the years.

What does taking responsibility look like for you right now?

Keeping going when I want to rest.

What inspires you to take responsibility?

Doing a good job and setting a good example for my boys.

One thing I want to pass onto others?

The importance of looking after one another.

Favourite thing to say to your kids?

You are so precious to me!

Main parenting challenge right now?

Lack of energy and feeling overwhelmed by sheer volume of tasks that need doing for daily life!

When I became a parent I suddenly realised..

How good a job my parents did!

What kind of father do you want to be?

Loving, gentle, protective and fun!

Who inspires you as a man?

Friends in church at different stages of life, it’s cool to see how they’re following God throughout.